About Us

Founder, Mike Williams

Landscaping started as a weekend hobby for Mike while attending college at Longwood University in central Virginia. Studying to earn his BFA in Art (Graphic Design, Drawing and Printmaking), Mike couldn't picture himself in an office and knew he needed to be outdoors. After spending some time in the golf business, he started Gardener's Palette, specializing in designing and creating beautiful landscapes.

Family is what matters most to Mike. He is one of six and the product of Pam and John L. Williams Sr. It was his remarkable upbringing that led to his strong work ethic and desire to achieve.

Mike, who is originally from Northern Virginia, now resides in Reston, VA with his wife, Samantha, and baby son, Ellis.

Beginning in 2005, Gardener's Palette has grown into a passion built on the elements of design learned while studying art. More important are the relationships created over the years with homeowners, contractors, and suppliers that have assisted, and continue to drive, the growth of Gardener's Palette. Thank you for your business!  

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